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You play as a super-fast dice that is trying to escape the casino it was born in. Get to the slot machine at the end of each level as fast as you can to get one of the three medals: bronze, silver, or gold, based on your time. You'll need a bronze medal or better to move on to the next level.


W - Jump

A/D - Left/Right

Spacebar - Roll

Left Click - Throw explosive dice

Right Click - Go into slow motion (Be warned, your time will still increase at the regular pace!)

R - Restart


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2 things

1. pretty sure there is no momentum to anything and that makes slight movements and aiming way harder than it needs to be

2. the levels require way too much precision just to pass if you tap left at all it feels like you're gonna loose and that makes the level design kinda boring

really fun when you do get it to work but as of now 6/10

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately I don't have the source code to fix the issues, but I'm glad you had fun :)